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ICATT is an innovative software application to support the implementation of the WHO/UNICEF strategy on the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI). The tool provides the possibility to adapt the generic IMCI guidelines at national and sub-national levels, and to develop ICATT-based training courses that fit into various training approaches.


This WEB site is designed to help those who already work with IMCI and ICATT or those who are interested to learn more how ICATT can help to effectively implement IMCI. Here you can learn more about the ICATT application, you can see how ICATT can be used to adapt the IMCI guidelines and how it is used for training of health-care staff. This site will provide detailed information and ensure exchange of experiences on the use of ICATT at the global and country levels where ICATT is being implemented. Registered users of this WEB site can actively participate in various Forums relevant to the use of ICATT and its implementation. The download section contains the latest ICATT key technical documents and information. For registered users the latest versions of the ICATT software and key resources are available. Learn more about ICATT


 Latest ICATT News
New ICATT/IMPACtt-3.2 release including updated English IMCI training set and chart booklet available - 7 Apr 2014

This release integrates the new English Generic IMCI Training Course 2013 as well as the Generic Chart Booklet 2013 based on new WHO guidelines along with an updated version of the ICATT&IMPACtt software. The technical content has been updated based on the technical updates published in 2012 as “Recommendations for Management of Common Childhood Conditions” and other relevant WHO guidelines on management of childhood conditions published in the last 3 years on Malaria, HIV, TB & Severe Acute Malnutrition. For further details with respect to technical content of the modules or WHO guidelines please visit the WHO website for Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health.

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ICATT/IMPACtt-3.1 software update available  - 17 Dec 2013

This maintenance release integrates several bug fixes as well as an optimized version of the chart booklet printing functionality along with a revised edition of the IMPACtt course on Essential Newborn Care. Registered users can now download the software in the DOWNLOADS section.



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ICATT/IMPACtt-3.0.1 software update available - 29 Aug 2013

The ICATT/IMPACtt-3.0.1 version integrates important software updates enabling ICATT/IMPACtt to run on Windows 8 platforms. The software can be downloaded in the DOWNLOADS section.

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 Feature Articles

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ICATT forums are a venue to exchange views and information on issues of ICATT use for updating IMCI clinical guidelines as well as issues rela-ted to design, organisation and running ICATT-based IMCI training activities. Your participation is welcome and we hope you will benefit from a frank exchange with other participants from around the world.

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On our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you can find many answers to the possible problems which you can face while working with ICATT. You can also post your own question and our staff will try to provide appropriate response.

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In this section you can find complete information on experience with ICATT and ICATT-based training activities in selected early use countries, such as Indonesia, Peru and Tanzania. You will learn here how IMCI was implemented in those countries and how ICATT helps in the implementation process.

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